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Providing Efficiency and Transparency for Our Clients

Teeples and Teague Law, PLLC was born from its predecessor, Teeples Law, PLLC. Our main practice areas are business law matters, real estate, and estate planning services. Our founding attorney, John Teeples, who will continue serving in an Of Counsel capacity, believes that the law should be utilized as a tool for bringing practical, cost efficient and amicable solutions to personal and business life. That is what Teeples and Teague Law, PLLC continues to be about. We provide individuals, private and public sector clients with advice and counseling on such matters as business ownership, structure, management, operations, and succession planning; real estate purchases, sales, and deeds; employment and estate planning.

We are committed to providing sophisticated, efficient, and responsive legal services using all the available information technology. Our digital filing system and storage indexes ensure fast, effective, and safe access to all work-product and correspondence for instant retrieval. This allows for quick turn-around time and immediate access to entire client files from wherever we work.

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